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May 2016

Giulio’s cafe // CT

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There are soooo many amazing secret, and not-so-secret spots to eat breakfast in Cape Town that one is actually spoilt for choice. Breakfast/brunch is a total institution on weekends in Cape Town and there is something for everyone. I came across Guilio’s on Instagram a while back and I loved the interior design and the menu looked full of honest Italian flavours, so I decided to check it out. 

The space is beautiful and open with lots of light, white and plants everywhere. I love the  detail of potted herbs on the tables. They have a bounty of baked goods on offer, for those of you that are that way inclined, but the smells from the kitchen are what got to me. I came early, before the breakfast rush, so I had some time to enjoy the quiet. 


The staff were attentive and friendly, I just had to wait a bit when more customers started to stream in.    

I had a really decent Americano and a freshly squeezed OJ and then the La Colazione (poached eggs, crispy bacon, wilted spinach, pork apple+sage banger, balsamic roasted tomatoes, flat mushrooms and paprika beans) : which might I just add was a flipping winner! I swapped the toast for more spinach and aslicce of gluten -free toast and basically my day was made. Listen, I don’t know what these guys did to knock that amount of flavour into the the mushrooms and tomatoes, but the veg plus the crispy bacon and that banger made life. The portion size was ample (I eat a lot and I was hungry) and for R65, I will definitely do that again! 


Guilio’s is open for breakfast and lunch and you can find them on cnr Loop and Riebeek in town. 
Find them on Instagram: giulios_cafe
Web: www.giulios.co.za
Tel: 021 418 6304


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