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May 2014

Weekend Wanderings // JHB // Corner Cafe

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I am introducing some new content on this here blog! Instead of only recipes and food I am gonna start posting things places, where to go and what to eat kind of thing :) I realised lately that not everyone knows whats hot and whats not these days (well maybe just thats just me – never been on top of the latest who’s who and what’s what)… especially with health/paleo friendly options. So although the focus won’t be purely paleo centred – I will give you a heads up when there is a place with super awesome paleo / healthy options.

AND lucky for me (and you) my good friend Kyla will be heading up the places of interest sector in Cape Town (So she is gonna have her plate full. No pun intended. Actually it was intended.).

So the first one from me is the spot around the corner in my neighbourhood. The place we always end up for breakfast after a late night out with friends or if we just popping out for a bite to eat quick. Which is aptly named Cnr. Cafe.

The menu is not cheap but not expensive – between R50 and R80 for a breakfast. Lunch/Dinner averages at around R85. It has a wide variety of options – their pizza is to DIE FOR. So good. AND they have a frozen yoghurt machine inside!!! *happy place* and some delicious treats and dessert and cakes and things :)

As far as paleo-friendly breakfasts go Cnr. Cafe is by far my favourite. They always have breakfast specials that include things like grilled sweet potato, salmon-beetroot omelettes and a bunch of options that make the bread-less breakfast feel complete ^_^ This time I went I had a hot smoked salmon omelette with a beetroot & zucchini fritter, cherry tomatoes and avo. Mmm Hmm!

The vibe & decor is totally understated which is nice, no try-hard trendy types here. (Except for the bathrooms..my favourite-est thing about this place – so vintage-retro-cool). The service is a tad on the chilled side but for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast it’s the perfect place to be.

You can find them on the corner of Buckingham and Rothesay Avenue in Craighall Park.
 011 880 2244 or 0769419487


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