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August 2013

Whisking It @ Oppikoppi

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Ooohhhweeee one week after Oppi and I am still recovering. Besides getting over a hardcore case of the flu from all that dust and dirt I do feel like my body took a bit of a hit with all the junk we ate and ALLLLL the … juice we drank ^_^

So most years we go we take a dozen rolls and some kiri cheese and eat that all weekend. Which, might I say, is a meal that definitely has its place. Nothing like a good spread of Kiri on a super unhealthy white roll. However, this year I got serious about the camping food situation. I packed two picnic basket type things full of cutlery, condiments, sauces, knives, pans, butter, a gril… Anything you would need in the bush to make a decent meal. It reeeeeaaalllyy paid off. We ate like kings!

We took meat for the first two nights – kept it cold in the cooler bags with tons of ice packs. I mean, lamb burgers off the fire on a roll with some rocket, tomato, cheese and sauce along with a fire roasted meilie after a long day in the sun… mmm hmm. I also totally Pinterest-ed it up with some pre-made pancake batter in a Heinz ketchup bottle. I will definitely make more for next time, that one bottle managed to give everyone at the campsite one pancake and, let’s be real, no one ever only wants one.

So back to the meat, I was a little worried that the meat wouldn’t last in a cooler box till the third night, so I made another plan for that. Inspired by a post I saw on the Taste Mag website, I bought a ciabatta loaf – quite a large one, and a whole bunch of filling stuff to bake on the fire and my word if that wasn’t the best idea anyone ever had!


1 large ciabatta loaf
Some salami, feta, rocket, tomato, onion marmalade and butter and whatever else you feel like.

Cut slices into your loaf – not through the bottom just so that you can fan out the pieces a bit.
Slice some generous pieces of butter and put in between the bread pieces.
Put the salami slices & tomato sliced in between the bread pieces and top the loaf with some rocket and crumbled feta. I finished mine off by spreading (roughly) the onion marmalade over the top to add some sweetness.
Wrap it in a couple layers of tin foil and bake on a fire for 20 minutes or so – turning the loaf every so often to make sure it bakes evenly.

Mine ended up being crispy on the bottom and warm and soft through out…. I am definitely gonna make this again SOON.

Our next camping/festival trip is Rocking the Daisies, but travelling to Cape Town with food stuffs just won’t work so we will just have to wait till next Oppikoppi to explore this whole food camping thing again :) SO FUN!

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