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February 2015

Whisking It Travels: New York

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Hey all, Whisking it has been a tad quiet, sorry, we are just catching up to ourselves for 2015!

Lexi and I, along with a bunch of friends, were lucky enough to spend the Christmas holidays in New York. Apart from the city being absolutely mind-blowing in all sorts of ways, Lexi and I found the food incredible! The sheer choice is insane, you can spend about ten minutes just deciding which juice you want! There is every kind of everything you can think of. What I found the best was the range of healthy, gluten-free, paleo and unprocessed foods at supermarkets, restaurants and take-aways. Sometimes stuff we only see on TV! We are so used to seeing Americans portrayed as junk-food addicts (which I true for a lot of Americans, I guess), but I was pleasantly surprised at how health-conscious so many New Yorkers are.


The quality in most places I found really, really good. the portions are maybe 5-10% larger than in South Africa; which I wasn’t complaining about! We pretty much ate our way through the city.

 Some of my most memorable food experiences were Magnolia bakery’s cheesecake and gluten-free cupcakes, real Italian home-cooking in Little Italy, grocery shopping at Wholefoods (spent over an hour in there each time), our local coffee shops (Clementine’s and Cinnamon Girl to name two) with gluten-free and vegan baked goodness and Kitten coffee (made in Brooklyn), Scratchbread cafe’s make-your-own bowls with slow-roasted pork, Do or Dine’s mouth-watering baked lamb, and of course everything at the paleo Mecca which is Hu Kitchen.


Did anyone go anywhere exciting recently ? If you ever have the chance, visit NYC, your bank balance won’t thank you, but it’s oh so worth it!



WOWZER. In the time since I last posted I have decided to start studying part-time, looking at buying a flat, seen the end of one year and the start of another, OH, and been on a life changing trip to NEW YORK CITY! It’s been a bit of a crazy, bumpy start to the year, settling in to work, preparing for my course at Wits, seeing everyone I missed over December, catching up with the fam.. shew! But here we are! At the start (let’s call it the start even though it’s February already, can’t face the fact that I am already a month behind and it’s only the second month!!)


Kyla covered most of the awesome-mind-blowing-life-changing-insanely-awesome stuff that we experienced. I will just fill in what she missed out :) 


We stayed in Brooklyn, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, which is not the hipster Williamsburg type of trendy, but definitely “upcoming”. Around every second corner there was some kind of cutsey trendy little bakery/coffee shop/juice bar/donut shop/bar/restaurant.. We had NO problems finding good coffee within a 3 minute walk of our flat. OH. And the coffee. So, here in JHB when I ask for soy milk 75% of the time people go “huh?”. In NYC when you go for coffee you have the choice of not only low fat, skim and fat free milk, but also, soy, rice, oat, almond, coconut, almond-coconut blend, as well as agave syrup, honey, stevia AND normal sugar at the takeaway station…. 


I could go on for, like, a decade about the health options. (it shows btw, New Yorkers are all pretty hot and healthy looking, it was a rare occasion to bump into an over-weight person) When everyone knows what Chia seeds are, and gluten-free is pretty standard, you can only imagine the heaven that we were in eating out. It was actually pretty much an existential crisis trying to make a decision every time. Do I have the raw health green kombucha today or the hot-toddy-type-apple-cider-drink? Or shall I try quinoa sushi today (yes. quinoa, not rice) or is it time for a chia seed parfait? I mean SERIOUSLY. I am tearing up just thinking about the trillions of things I never even got to taste. 

So – just to re-iterate. Hu Kitchen was the Paleo Promised Land over-flowing with dairy-free milk and honey. And Wholefoods was the biggest fancy-panciest Woolworths type grocery store except WHOLE and HEALTHY. AND the best chocolate I have had ever was from Mast Brothers in Williamsburg.  


I could definitely live in America. It sounds silly, but the ease and convenience of eating clean there is just out of this world. Miles and miles ahead of us. Now, just a side sort of note, this post has been pretty food orientated, obviously with this being a food blog :D but that’s not to say that the rest of our trip was not equally freaking awesome. Every element, every street, every site/museum/shop/park/building was EPIC. I bought some stellar stuff and spent some seriously memorable moments there. We went with the best people. Had the best time. If there weren’t a gazillion other cities and places I know I have to visit as well I would say I would be back soon.. but alas, Iceland, Japan, Germany, Namibia and and and and… are also on the list.







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